Photo Contest Rules


Article 1 : Beanscorp Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Beanscorp”) with its headquarter located at #711, 96 Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, is organizing a non-professional photo contest on its website It is open to all, with no obligation to purchase.

Article 2 : Theme The photo contest organized by Beanscorp focuses on user experience of Cafflano product. There is no limitation of sort or style is imposed. Throughout the contest, the best photos will be selected at intervals decided by the organizers. For each selection, the organizers will review and select the number of winners. According to their rankings, the winners will receive a prize chosen by the organizers. Prizes cannot be exchanged for money nor for any other prize.

Article 3 : Registration terms 
The photos accepted in the contest have to pitch on the theme defined by the contest. 1 to 10 photos taken by the participant himself may be submitted. The photos have to be sent in digital form, using the appropriate form on the Beanscorp website ( The only authorized formats are “JPG” and “JPEG”. The maximum size cannot exceed 10MB and the minimum size shall be no less than 540x358 pixels. The contestant has to specify his/her surname and name, address and email. Photos protected by copyright from a third party, presenting a pornographic character, not corresponding to the theme of the contest, which cannot be linked to their author because of lack of information, will not be accepted.

Article 4 : Use of the photos 
The contestants authorize Beanscorp to use their photos in its commercial and/or non-commercial communications. No copyright nor any form of reward will be given for the use of these photos. Owing to the digital form used in this contest, no file will be returned to a contestant once it is sent as part of the contest.

Article 5 : Selection 
A jury of at least 3 people from the organizing company will select the winning photos. The people taking part in the selection cannot participate themselves in the contest, nor can relatives or employees of the company.

Article 6 : Claims 
To take part in the contest, contestants have to accept the current rules. No claim can be made regarding the results nor the return of the photo. The participants must have the written acceptance of any person in the photo. The mere participation involves the acceptance of Beanscorp’s decision, as a last resort, regarding unforeseen problems. If, against Beanscorp’s wish or because of force majeure, the dates of the contest are changed, if the contest is modified or merely cancelled, Beanscorp cannot be held liable. Beanscorp cannot be held responsible for delays or the loss of parcels, due to the postal services or other, nor for their damage for any reason.